mayo 9, 2017

Conversations to Outcomes

OKR have been on my mind as I am sure they have been on yours. I have long believed and it has become my personal and professional mantra that "the solution is just a conversation away." It is natural to me that real outcomes that are a win for customer and business begins with the conversation. So let's talk about Conversations that Lead to Outcomes." Join me!
agosto 1, 2017

SendoAgil Launches in LatAm

President and CEO of SendoAgil, Eric Adames, Announces SAFe 4.5 Training for under-served, yet emerging Latin American Markets. Adames states, “LatAm companies are poised to leverage the lessons learned from the SAFe implementation experience in both the USA and Europe. The challenge is not necessarily identifying proven and documented use cases and common practices, but to identify and retain the right talent to perform the implementations towards cultural transformation and Agility. We understand and know LATAM.”
octubre 1, 2017

Third-World to American Dream

My story begins in 1978 occupied Panama City. From a very young age, being the youngest of ten children, I learned the value of work and […]
septiembre 2, 2018

La vulnerabilidad… “Donde nace la creatividad, la innovación y el cambio”

Si, probablemente te estés preguntando, ¿cómo es posible que ser vulnerable nos lleve a crear, innovar y cambiar? En este contexto, ¿cómo logramos resolver la pregunta anterior? Un MindShift nos permite dar respuesta a esto: “Aceptándonos."

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