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The search for Speed & Agility 

If you are currently undergoing a full business transformation effort, one thing is clear: you saw the signs and had to respond to it! Enterprise level transformations are difficult and expensive at best, most of them fail to deliver on expectations, and many companies simply revert back to their old way of doing things. However, the traditional way of doing business is proving inefficient, risky and often negligent. The rules of the game have changed, and speed is the new strategy for the "now" economy. Understanding the company's ability to respond to the rapidly changing market demand and conditions, becomes the key area of focus. 

"Leadership teams of today must be capable of engaging in difficult and uncomfortable conversations about their new reality... commit, align and measure themselves around a common set of objectives" Eric A. Adames - Founder & CEO of SendoAgil.

There is a lot more than the need to innovate, accelerate delivery capabilities, continue to look ahead and gain deeper knowledge about the market, to keep pace in the race. There is a bigger fish to fry. One that has been there all along. and yet could be the most difficult for most: executive teams. The need to change how they think, view and respond to the need to transform the way of working.

The future of work for their organization must be one that evolves and leverages adaptability to respond and deliver faster while creating competitive advantage. However, for most leaders this is a new muscle that requires work to conceptualize, internalize and effectively put to action.

The task of implementing the new WoW (Way of Working) challenges every area of the company into reinventing what it means to lead.

This challenge must be introduced and received with an open mind and approach. It requires a new leadership mindset and goes beyond hard technical knowledge, skills and processes. The building, executing and sustaining the business model places people front and center in every level of the organization. 

Every leader in the organization will be challenged with unlearning and learning new ways of thinking, what it really takes to enable a highly adaptive value driven organization.

Now, the attracting, onboarding, developing, empowering and retaining good people and teams becomes everybody's business. No longer just the responsibility of an HR department. Regardless of the stage of maturity of the leadership team and structure the executive board must act and actively support by deepening their knowledge on the benefits.

If your team is responsible for generating value for the organization time is not your friend. Waiting for decisive action and for the perfect moment to create and motivate transformational change could prove fatal for your business.

Start today with engaging your team, a strategic business transformation partner, and key customers; to get clear understanding of the key problems to solve. Develop and align people with strategic direction and rapid organizational feedback loops that inform and accelerate decision making. Activate building key/new business capabilities that not just respond to demand but prepare and anticipate customer market needs and opportunities.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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