Understanding, Implementing & Scaling OKRs in the Enterprise

SendoAgil Professional Certification - OKR Implementation Specialist


 Class Start: Sept 12, 2022 
Class Ends: Sept 26, 2022

Total of 27 Hrs - 3 Weeks
 M-W-F: 6pm - 9:00pm 

This course represents an important conversation in the organization: Achieving Greatness.

"Enabling your people, teams and organization to achieve greatness should be the main reason you want to use OKRs.

How does your organization defines "Greatness" will be reflective on how successful your OKR implementation will be.
Ask yourself these questions:

- Why do we want to use OKRs?

- Who are the main beneficiaries of its use?

- On whom does the success of using OKRs depends on?

- How are we viewing OKRs: from an inward or outward perspective? 

Many companies are jumping at the practice and adopting OKRs as an objectives management practice or framework, with a mindset of control and comfort and not as a mechanism to increase innovation, challenge the status quo, and improve organizational effectiveness. However,  there is much more to OKRs that meet the eye. 

In this workshop we will peel the "OKR" onion and seek to understand its layers. We will walk through the conversation and learn about the key organizational structures and capabilities that can be leveraged enablers for the practice and lay the path to greatness. These enablers can be viewed as superfood when activated with decisive, clear purpose and strategy. Ultimately, giving you, your people and teams the tools needed to clear the path and achieve the desired outcomes. 

Achieving greatness is manifested in achieving strategic and operational objectives with more effectiveness, people and teams excited about winning and delivering value; identifying and solving business problems.

Our commitment is to delivering practical knowledge and value to our customers. Here you will see more than just the mechanics; you will learn about how to leverage the competitive environment, organizational culture, business capabilities and your most valuable asset: your people.



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