We Are SendoAgil

We are a passionate team of professionals with the goal of making companies and their individuals implement real changes in the way they work. We do this by implementing agility-based and lean frameworks at all different levels of the organization.

We challenge the traditional mindset of management, planning, and execution; instead, we prefer empowering leaders to engage in open conversations throughout the organization, communication, transparency, clarity, accountability and collaboration are pillars on which the confidence that allow a company to align with its objectives.

We seek to establish a diverse community of leaders throughout Latin America where professional experience and knowledge can be shared and nurtured, not only at the high levels of the corporate or governmental sectors, but also, in the people who are part of that organization, we believe that the real change occurs when information, communication and learning are disseminated for better decision-making.

We were born with a purpose:

Transform the way América Latin works.

For years our president has lived and worked for companies in the United States, several of them in the list Fortune 100. Being a Latin American, born in Panama, Eric embarked on taking knowledge obtained in those companies to the Latin American markets.

SendoAgil was born in 2016 with a single, clear objective: “To be an ally of Latin American companies to guide them towards organizational change by applying an agile lean mindset and proven frameworks. We seek to transform the way Latin American works. To contribute to the development of the region, improving productivity, competitiveness and viability of the Latin American markets at home and abroad.


We seek to strengthen the way in which Latin America works.  We encourage the development of the region through technology. With a focus on value-oriented project execution we strive to minimize the gap between the Americas with the ultimate goal of bringing more harmony, stability, cooperation and competition across the continents.


Through the adoption of a Lean-Agile Mindset, the use of proven frameworks and coaching to improve time-to-market, value delivery and efficiency. We scale the practices and values throughout the organization to generate solutions that truly target the objectives of the company.


SendoAgil believes in the transformative value of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). We  implement SAFe in organizations by coaching and training the key people (leaders) with our unique approach that tangentially monitors, mentors and empowers them toward agile business transformation.  Applying this method that we have developed using our accumulated experience in  Fortune 500 & 100 companies, we seek to elevate Latin American professionals to new heights of excellence within their organizations and markets, thereby Transforming the way LatAm works.