The solution is a conversation away!

Sendo team is a group of people you want to associate with. We are ready to have the solution conversation with you. 

We embrace the process of continuous learning, then use and finally share knowledge immediately with others. Through these learning opportunities in which we develop our partners, we improve, gain valuable information and grow every day in knowledge and passion.

We gain much satisfaction with each new knowledge.  We are eager to work with our partners in the creation of the next level of excellence. We are also looking forward to sharing all of our past experience and the lessons we have learned so far in pursuit of their objectives.

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Who we are

Our commitment is to foster a culture of learning and sharing so that we can accelerate the success of our journey together.

We care about our partners and work deliberately to enable them to reach their next level of excellence and prosperity.

We have a proven track record of succeeding in North America, Central America, and Northern Europe in building teams that become highly productive in a short time.

What we do

Our team works shoulder to shoulder with individuals and teams on levels of your organization.

We work by sharing knowledge, tips, tricks, best practices so that your people can mature into the agile and mindset practices. We work with you to define a successful environment and then join your Northstar (the most important business objective). 

We show you how to create business and customer results that shape and focus on lean backlogs that are worked and managed on a cadence. Over time, we support your people and help them understand how to own their roles.

We connect with you on your agile journey. However, we plan to leave you soon. We begin equipping your resources on day one with our Day Zero planning for strategic planning and ongoing knowledge transfer.  


How we do?

We believe in building strong and reliable relationships with our partners so we can quickly train them on how to move forward in achieving their business goals.

We pass on our knowledge to key leaders responsible for advancing the organization as agents of change. We make it safe for them to ask questions, make mistakes, learn and challenge what’s to come.
We then train and advise them as they address their real-world business challenges.

We focus on issues and opportunities to promote learning quickly. We use a variety of frameworks that help sustain and disseminate learning, such as communities of practice and the with the development of internal capacity.