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Enterprise Business Agility

Why SAFe® ?

  • SAFe focuses on addressing an issue that executives are concerned with: Scaling Agility for the benefit of the system.
  • Scaled Agile® is constantly improving and expanding their knowledge base, driving the trends and best practices for the industry.
  • There are many proven use cases of the benefits of following the practices.

¿Cómo mides la agilidad?

Pero primero, ¿por qué?

  • Agile teams currently have no way to measure their team health and performance consistently. How do you know how to get where you are going, if you do not know where you are at?
  • Teams can identify their areas of strength and weakness and points where they need help from their leaders.
  • Teams are not the only ones that need to have way to measures their agility. Program teams, product lines and portfolio to achieve an Enterprise view.

Agility Health is the most powerful agile assessment and organizational growth tool designed for companies that are adopting or scaling agile and want visibility onto performance and health their teams.

  • A healthy agile team has clarity on their immediate to long-term goals. They have clarity on their roles and expectations.
  • A healthy agile team shows performance and has the confidence of their product owner, the team and the stakeholders. Their performance is also measured by predictable velocity, valued delivered, quality and their response to change.
  • A healthy agile team has responsible leadership team made of their facilitator (coach), technical leads, product owner and their manager.
  • A healthy team, has a healthy culture measured by happiness and collaboration, creativity, accountability, trust and respect.
  • A healthy team has a strong foundation in agility with a solid team structure.

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