Experience the SendoAgil Experience

We believe that real change, both in individuals and organizations, begins with a commitment to breaking paradigms and resistance to change. Work shoulder to shoulder with highly technical teams and Executive Management to identify, define, communicate and execute product vision; short and long term roadmap to eliminate ineffective processes, with focus on delivering value.

We seek to generate new capabilities in organizations and individuals through a Lean-Agile Mindset. Via a structured Enterprise Business Agility framework that leverages the Agile/Lean Methodologies, speed-to-market and cost containment are improved dramatically.  Equipped leaders can then integrate SAFe concepts into their organizations to provide waste resistant solutions focused on the needs of the business and its customers, with a healthy time to market.



Agile business transformation is the destination. We help organizations implement an Agile Lean Mindset, following agile principles, tools and best practices. We create new skills in the organization through coaching at all levels, training leaders who will be involved in the transformation. The deployment of well-trained and coached agile teams will deliver the results that product owners, c-level management and the customer have defined with fewer defects and therefore a shorter time to market.


Training and Certifications

We believe and train in Scaled Agile (SAFe) because we know it gives results in any type of business.

Like any discipline of transformation, agility offers a substantial improvement that reveals more its usefulness while being more internalized. The benefits of this framework is that it allows organizations to apply the benefits of working a team or cell with agile frameworks and scale those principles and mindset across the organization.


We consult on specific issues or develop implementation strategies in the shortest time possible, our Consulting service will allow you to establish a plan of action to address a specific issue within its transformation, unlike our Coaching or Training service in this service we make only a diagnosis and an action plan to solve it so that either with our team or cannot execute on its own.


Let's Chat About Your Agile Journey

We love to talk Agile! Whether you are considering going Agile, are scaling or need visibility into the agility across your teams on all levels, SendoAgil can help.