We meet you where you are

Using the Sendoway, we bring the training directly to our partners as needed in their context using the real scenarios they are dealing with. 

Our approach is not to teach you an approach. We help you to apply new knowledge directly to  the issues at hand. Together we will make important immediate progress toward objectives everyday. 

We see by listening

When we connect to build a relationship with our client-partners, we listen.  We listen intently and intentionally for the real needs, problems and gaps. 

Some of the issues to be discussed are explicitly expressed, but many are not. For this reason, among others, we do not come to the table with a solution-ready-mentality. We have open minds and are not “married” to particular framework, practice or tool. Every organization is a unique ecosystem with unique characteristics and needs. 


Partners in your success

SendoAgil embraces the processes of continuous learning, curiosity and knowledge sharing. shared knowledge.

Through these learning opportunities where we develop our partners, we improve, we obtain valuable information and we grow every day. It generates satisfaction with new knowledge, especially those of our partners, and with the creation of the next level of excellence. We are equally eager to share all our past experience and the lessons we have learned to this day.

Our commitment is to encourage the same behavior and habits for our partners so that we can accelerate success in our journey together.

A roadmap to agility that works for everyone, does not exist.

The transformation plan requires a sharp and fast eye and a lot of expert analysis to reach the right customization.

Our approach is an agnostic approach. There are many solution options to choose from when embarking upon an Agile adoption, managing a portfolio, meeting the team requirements, etc. If we do not listen to our partners / customers and understand their needs, then we will only be pressing a predetermined solution and that may not be what is needed.

 We make certain that our client-partners experience and understand why a particular solution works and where it doesn’t.

When a solution makes sense, we want to make sure that the organization understands why and when it may need to evolve. Imparting that knowledge on to our clients is critical.

With an agnostic approach, we are not attached to any fashion that can come and go and we are not limited by any vendor who wants us to promote their products or services.

Our approach allows us to be free to explore all options and provide the best to our customers without conditions. Our conversations are not limited to what it is today, but they are full of what it could be. We find that this approach is well received and preferred by our client partners.

It is a new approach that is pressure-free and focuses on current problems compared to additional complexity.

How do we define success?

Sendo embraces the process of continuous learning, then uses and finally shares knowledge immediately with others.

We provide encouragement to move towards the new way of working at a pace that is comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Growth cannot occur without leaving the comfort zone. In our approach, those with whom we interact are provided with the skills they need and the support of management and teams to carry out the learning.

When we do this, we eliminate the need to hire a large number of coaches who, by themselves, are ineffective and together, an extremely costly and slow affliction in the organization.

We define success as knowing that your organization is enabled as we walk out the door. 

We will be only a conversation away. We look forward to your success. 


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