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Way LatAm Works

What We Do

Building Internal

Sharing what we know without limits


Training within our client’s context 

It's the time to lead, to change from within.
Your new way of working is here

At the end of the day, it's about delivering the right product at the right time.

The concerns are the same for all companies: big or small, those who have a perfect product or exceptional service, public or private companies and non-profits alike. The needs and wishes of the client must be satisfied. We believe that here is where "delivery meets value". Here are where the resources and the personas become one; and the value becomes tangible. This is where it can be capitalized on.

The Courses We Offer

Anyone can stand in front of a class and read Powerpoint presentations….

Why are you really spending your precious time and money for training? 

We will show you how to…

  • Implement within your context.
  • Align the implementation to the  strategic objectives.
  • Provide the skills and the necessary tools to be self-sustaining.

The first question to ask yourself is:

Do we need to transform?

Transformation is a deep commitment. Real transformation cannot be realized by just going through the motions. Real transformation is not about doing agile. 



  • Acceleration:
    Get it faster.
  • Proven internationally: we have been around the world only to come home to LatAm.
  • Our mission is to transform the way LatAm works.


Impact the culture of the organization to enable sustainable change.

Curate a safe environment to challenge another to greatness.

Coach to learn and experience all that it means to transform through knowledge transfer

Enable the ability to move and adapt quickly through internal capacity.



  • Our focus is on building internal capacity to achieve its strategic goals. 
  • Sustainable growth, independent, efficient and innovative.


What are clients are saying about SendoAgil

Is it time to go deeper?

Our team works shoulder to shoulder with all levels of your organization, sharing knowledge, tips, tricks, best practices so that your people can mature in mindset and agile practices.