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Experience without context, is superficial.

We know how to go deeper.

Our experience is vast in Agile Lean and Enterprise transformations. We have developed a comprehensive approach to real-life scenarios for coaching and training that is laser focused on the growth towards your objectives. Effective communication of initiatives and their priorities allows focused collaboration, self-organization and risk awareness throughout the organization.

We help you communicate and align the entire organization to  the Corporate Vision; through  the life cycle management of the Portfolio, Program and Project. This is critical for sustainable organizational agility. 

The agile journey is not always comfortable, but we like the weather. It is where we make our home.

We leverage the assets of the organization while executing Agile principles, tools and best practices through practical coaching, training and mentoring. This allows leadership and implementation teams to achieve business results and meet customer expectations.

Leaders know the reality that agility has gone from being an option to being an imperative for success. From the top of the organization to the bottom, true intention and well-defined purpose is the key difference between going agile and being agile. We live within this concept. It is in our name SendoAgil (BeingAgile).

At the end of the day it becomes clear...

Failing to plan, truly is planning to fail.

Smart leaders recognize that they must transform the way resources, partners, customers, and suppliers commit up and down in the value stream. They must change the way they plan and execute as a company. Embrace, support and lead the corporate culture and infrastructure towards continuous improvement, delivery, transformation and agility.

At the end of the day, it’s about delivering the right thing, correctly; in an opportune moment. It is the same for all companies: large or small, those that have a perfect product or exceptional service, public or private companies, for profit or not; the needs and desires of the client must be satisfied. We believe that this is where the delivery meets the value. This is where tools and people become one; and the value becomes tangible and available for capitalization.


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