We build internal capacity

As partners, coaches and responsible consultants,

Our intention is to leave an organization in a higher state of performance and understanding than before we met. To achieve this sustained state and to be able to bring value to our client-partners as quickly as possible, we seek to build a strong coalition of change agents and to build and support their internal capacity.

Internal capacity is a means to enable lasting change. By connecting with responsible leaders at each level of the organization and building strong relationships with them, we impart key lessons and build a solid foundation of deep understanding and execution acumen.

The strength is from within

We work shoulder to shoulder with the Internal change agents and together we carry out the transformation strategy.

The mission is to advance  individual roles through deep knowledge so that they are able to share safely and constructively with their peers. Our mission is to ensure that change agents have the knowledge and guidance they need to face the many Challenges they will face when ultimately we have departed.

Internal capacity building is achieved through strong connections in coaching. On the employee’s part, it requires being willing to be open to training and a desire to explore meaning below the surface of core practices. In addition, self-learning, continuous learning and courage to tell the truth are necessary. For the coaching team it means sharing experience through coaching, individual tutoring, where the intention is to take the employee to the frontlines.


Internal capacity leads to cultural change.

Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in their leader, great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

When there is an adequate level of interest, communities of practice (CoP) are created to consolidate practices and mentality and thus continue the journey. Here, members of internal capacity share knowledge and challenge each other to continuously improve their trade for the improvement of the organization. The sponsorship and support of these communities are crucial for the long-term continuity of the organization’s success.

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